BBQ Terms

The world of BBQ has such a unique lanquaqe of its own. We try to capture that in our list of BBQ TERMS. Enjoy!

ATOMIC BUFFALO TURD (ABT) – A jalapeno pepper stuffed with a cream cheese filling and a little smokey, wrapped in bacon, dusted with BBQ rub then smoked.

BARBEQUE, BARBECUE, BBQ – To cook meat at low temperatures for long periods of time over wood or charcoal.

BARK – An outer crust formed on smoked meats particularly rib, brisket, and pork butt.  The bark is a combination of the BBQ rubs and mops used during cooking.

BURNT ENDS – Cubed pieces of the brisket point that have been smoked and then sauced.

CHARCOAL CHIMNEY – A cylindrical device used to start charcoal quickly.  A fire source is at the bottom and the updraft ignites the charcoal briquettes.

FATTY – A sausage chub that has been smoked. Sometimes the chub is stuffed and wrapped in bacon.

INDIRECT GRILLING – A method of cooking where the meat is not placed directly over the heat source.

LUMP CHARCOAL – Charcoal that is created by using just wood – no added chemicals are in the final product.

MINION METHOD – A technique used by BBQ cooks to light a few charcoal briquettes on top of a larger pile of charcoal.  This is used in the low and slow cooking and the lit charcoal slowly burns and the lights the charcoal underneath.

MOP – A liquid that is applied to the meat while barbecuing to keep the surface of the meat moist and add flavor.

PIG CANDY – Bacon that is coated in a mixture of brown sugar and spices then smoked until crispy.

SMOKE RING – A pink or red layer on the outer edge of meat that has been smoked.  This ring is a chemical reaction between the meat and the smoke.

STICK BURNER – A BBQ smoker that primarily uses logs (aka sticks) as the fuel source.

UGLY DRUM SMOKER (UDS) – A BBQ smoker typically made out of a 55 gallon drum.  The smoker has a charcoal basket that sits in the bottom and air holes near the bottom to control BBQ temperature.

WEBER SMOKEY MOUNTAIN (WSM) – A bullet shaped smoker that is popular with BBQ enthusiasts.  The WSM has a charcoal pan in the bottom and a water pan above to to help control temperature and moisture.

WHITE BBQ SAUCE – A regional type of barbeque sauce generally found in Alabama.  It is a mix of mayonnaise, vinegar and additional flavoring ingredients like pepper and spices.

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